2019 Renault Kwid- Kwid Pro Go!

“Your car is going to be a Renault Kwid”, declared the upbeat hire car agent in a matter-of-fact tone. “A Kwiiddd?”, I slurred as my mouth wrapped around the stunted word. It rhymes with “squid”, and is pronounced exactly like “quid”, the slang term for the British Pound. But I had no idea what type of car this quirky namebadge would be attached to. My delicate ego had been bruised as I pride myself for being a self-proclaimed encyclopedia of cars. This one had me stumped. Like a spotter scouring the woods for Bigfoot, there was much anticipation as a I approached stall #14 at the Cape Town Airport to score my first-ever Kwid sighting. Then voila! In an anticlimactic moment, concealed behind a Land Cruiser, was the small, diminutive silver car that you see in the above photo.

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2019 Renault Captur- The French CUV Connection

Maybe it’s my simpleton taste buds, but I’ve never appreciated French cuisine.  Bouillabaisse, moules marin√≠√®res, and escargot may please the most demanding pallets, but are much too complicated, and let’s face it, strange, for my asinine taste buds.  The amount of work and presentation that goes into preparing these dishes is admired, but the flavours go by the wayside.  Nope, give me an unappreciated crepe or chocolate mousse any day.  Much like their delicacies, French cars have had a similar destiny.  For decades, their cars have always been perplexing, intricate, and once again, strange.  Some are so bizarre, like the infamous Citroen 2CV (that in itself is a symbol of France) or super futuristic Renault Avantime van, that the only word to describe them is “waouh!”  But the car, highlighted in this article, is the approachable Nutella crepe on the French menu; the Renault Captur.

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