2015 Ram 1500- The Beast Has Been Tamed

There’s always been that tidbit of manly advice that a guy should have a truck at least once in his life.  The reasons behind it are still unknown.  Maybe it’s too reassure us of our masculinity while dealing with a back-breaking ride.  Or maybe to prove our dominance while peering over every car on the road.  Or maybe this advice was started by someone who was trying to coax their friends into helping them move.  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, trucks are fun.  Memories of learning to drive in my Dad’s 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup always come streaming back when I think of the word “truck.”  Like most pickups at the time, that Chevy was designed for utilitarian purposes.  It was loud, it was minimalist, it guzzled fuel, the steering was about as precise as the trajectory of a North Korean missile, and I swear the suspension was made of masonry bricks.  Although it refused to pamper its passengers, that truck had character and proved its worth as a workhorse.

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