2019 Renault Kwid- Kwid Pro Go!

“Your car is going to be a Renault Kwid”, declared the upbeat hire car agent in a matter-of-fact tone. “A Kwiiddd?”, I slurred as my mouth wrapped around the stunted word. It rhymes with “squid”, and is pronounced exactly like “quid”, the slang term for the British Pound. But I had no idea what type of car this quirky namebadge would be attached to. My delicate ego had been bruised as I pride myself for being a self-proclaimed encyclopedia of cars. This one had me stumped. Like a spotter scouring the woods for Bigfoot, there was much anticipation as a I approached stall #14 at the Cape Town Airport to score my first-ever Kwid sighting. Then voila! In an anticlimactic moment, concealed behind a Land Cruiser, was the small, diminutive silver car that you see in the above photo.

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