2011 Mazda AZ Wagon- Everything You Need from A To Z

DSCI0505“Dang, this street is narrow” I think to myself.  “Are we going to fit?”  Before us lay a slim gap lodged between two solid concrete walls misleadingly called a street.  Jutting out like massive booby traps were more obstacles than a Championlink golf course; telephone poles, bike stands, and signs warning of pedestrians.  This passageway was barely wide large enough to fit Rush Limbaugh, let alone a passenger car with three people and a corresponding amount of baggage.  Of course, as the valiant driver, I didn’t tell my passengers about my grave concerns and embodied a confident façade.  However, the left half of my brain had grim images of missing paint, or even worse, being indefinitely wedged between centuries old stonework. Gingerly, we crawled along inch by inch and like passengers in a plane during a storm, gawked out the windows at how close we were to the passing hurdles.  Finally, success!  We clear the barricades and move onto the next street full of hardships.  There’s a famous advertising quote from the early 20th Century “The right tool for the right job.”  In this case, we had the perfect tool to overcome this situation; the Mazda AZ Wagon.

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2013 Hyundai Elantra- The Secret Recipe For Success

DSCI0274Kimchi is the national dish of Korea.  The Seoul specialty is fermented cabbage smothered in garlic, hot pepper, ginger and other pungent ingredients leading to an intense flavor.  It’s an interesting dish, but when it comes down to it; it’s still just cabbage.  The Korean-sourced Hyundai Elantra has been like that since its introduction in 1992; prepared from basic ingredients and spiced up with valued-packed pricing and a generous warranty.  At first the flavor suits the palate, but the taste doesn’t linger.  Not to say the Elantra is a bad car at all.  In fact I’ve bought two of them in the past partially due to the bargain price and was very satisfied with them.  And here lies the issue, although the Elantra has always been a competent and decent little car, there was little beyond the sticker price to recommend over other compacts if you were looking for a set of wheels with character.  When the all-new fifth generation Elantra debuted for 2011, all of that changed.

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