2013 Infiniti G37- Leading The Way To Infiniti And Beyond

DSCI1272Charles Dicken’s “Tale of Two Cities” depicts life in London and Paris during the years leading up to the French Revolution.  Despite the two city’s obvious cultural and social differences,  both had unflattering parallels and similarities during the time period.  It could be likened to the clashes and battles between Lexus and Infiniti.  Although rivals, both have taken similar paths through history that resulted in completely different outcomes for both.  The two brands are divisions of large Japanese parent companies (Toyota and Nissan respectively) and were introduced to the market the same year, in 1990, Both debuted showcasing large, rear-wheel drive sedans to compete head-to-head with the German luxury brand names.  In the years following, compact front-wheel drive spinoffs were added to the lineups, the Camry derived ES250 for Lexus and the Nissan Sunny based G20, to appeal to younger professionals.  Whereas Lexus found success in the 1990’s with most of its models, Infiniti struggled and soon faced extinction.  As a last-ditched effort, Infiniti promised to keep its sights on BMW and released the G35 in 2003- forever changing the brand’s character and propelling it on a different course than archrival Lexus.

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