2011 Mazda2- Where’s The Beef?

DSCI1182Until recent years, the economy car segment in the United States had been nothing more than teases and disappointments.  We could only watch from afar as Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world would attain interesting and intriguing small city cars that were enjoyable to drive and fuel-efficient.  While everyone else was having fun, we had to make do with bland, boring cheap-and-nasty subcompacts that were intended to be throwaway cars for college students.  Sudden spikes in fuel prices changed perceptions on small cars and suddenly they became en vogue.  One such tease from years ago was the Mazda2.  Sold overseas since 1998, the first two generations were decent little boxy cars that boasted lots of room but were a tad humdrum.  But the 2’s redesign for 2007 changed the car’s personality.  That version became lighter and more emotional than its predecessors and was recognized as “International Car of the Year 2007” by a jury of 22 auto journalists from 11 countries.  Yet the 2 still wasn’t  sold in the U.S.  That was until 2010, when Mazda made the sudden announcement it will sell the 2 in North America.  Woo-hoo, let the party begin!

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